IMPORTANT READ: What’s happening on Facebook & how Create!t fits into the picture

The Create!t Content Marketing Solution was designed by ex-Facebook Product Innovators who spent 4+ years working directly on brand distribution at Facebook, building internal systems to measure and optimize the impact of Facebook’s largest brand partnerships. Our experience, combined with the emergence of content marketing strategies that brands like Red Bull and GoPro practice so effectively influenced our product strategy.

For Brands looking for impact on Facebook, interactions and distribution is the name of the game. Any​ piece of​ branded content on Facebook has a potential reach which is limited almost exclusively by the quality of the content, which is determined by the interactions it’s able to earn via the Newsfeed. Even when paying for distribution, Facebook’s mechanics will limit the potential reach of poor content based on FB’s need to deliver a great experience to users (user retention). So brands are incentivized to create great content not just for the organic results, but also the potential paid results.

Brands are in a constant struggle to create more interactive content. Most of the time small teams are hired to deliver ideas and assets, but the best results come from content that surrounds a story. What is the brand doing and why is it relevant? Brands like GoPro have stumbled onto a wildly successful, efficient and consistent strategy of turning their best consumers into their own marketing content creators.’s value to brand marketers is the ability to recreate this process for any brand or business.

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“There are not many times when we see a project directly enhance performance like this. It’s a major breakthrough for this sport. Your system rocks!”



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